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Reggaematic started off over 17 years ago as a small party during the carnival parade here in Atlanta, Georgia. Reggaematic offered an area where those who wanted to join the carnival festivities but not exactly play mas could come and hold a vibe. Once inside the carnival village, patrons could enjoy the various vendors and go between the stage show and the reggaematic tent. Reggaematic also provided a space for various local DJ’s and visiting artists to perform for their fans and get a moment to shine. The tent provided a space where several types of music could be heard… Reggae, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Zouk, Hip Hop and of course Soca!!

Throughout the years Reggaematic continued to grow and eventually became a perceived conflict within the carnival village, as carnival promoters felt that Reggae “has no place in carnival”. In 2015 Reggaematic was asked to cease so as to encourage more patrons to watch the stage show. The Atlanta party goers and fans were outraged and have been asking for a return ever since. Sooooo due to overwhelming response…

We present to you – Reggaematic On The Road!! A truck for Atlanta Carnival’s road march that will provide the same pace you expect on the road during carnival – but an option for those that want to hear and jam to more than just soca.